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Who we are

KgT Enterprises has been providing dynamic security solutions throughout Southern Africa since 2001. Being one of the few predominantly BEE security solutions providers, with offices in Gauteng, South Africa, our team has experience extending into a variety of industries including Telecommunication, Mining, Power Stations, Petrochemical Plants and Banks.


Because we understand the responsibility and stress that comes with running every operation efficiently, a company needs peace of mind knowing they have a system that handles all itís security problems effectively - with no disruption in productive work hours. Our aim at KgT Enterprises is to provide that peace of mind by being the single company with total responsibility. The idea of one organisation involved in & responsible for every process of the security solution from design and installation to commissioning and training of staff.

What we do

We provide fully integrated, TCP/IP based,turnkey solutions for:

You can opt for a completely integrated solution or any combination of Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Fire Detection and CCTV. We will tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

Our services extend far beyond products. Our objective is to provide a robust and scalable service that would form a trustworthy and long-term relationship through simple yet invaluable services such as After Sales Support as well as Training of Staff and Maintenance Checks.

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