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The S2000 Series

The S2000 series is a modular integrated security system based on intelligent modules connected to TCP/IP networks. Due to the advanced design, the S2000 series is completely scalable to all actual and future customer needs. All modules are perfectly integrated in one system. This offers unique advantages such as direct interactions between all applications.

M2000 Controller

The M2000 is an intelligent, modular controller that supports the following features:

ACU200 2 door access controller

Multifunction Micropanel (MP2000)

ACU200 2 door access controller

The MP2000 is a multifunction control panel that allows an authorised user to monitor and control the electronic security system. The MP2000 supports the following features:

Security Management Software (INVISE)

INVISE is the graphical user interface that allows you to manage and monitor the S2000 security system. The software supports the following features:

Badge Management
Alarm Management
Graphical maps
Video Viewer