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The S3000 Series

Local Processing Unit (LPU)

The LPU is the decision maker of the S3000 access control system.

Local processing unit

IP Card Reader (RDR)

The IP card reader is a TCP/IP reader that supports various card formats.

Door readers

IP Door Control Unit (DCU)

The IP door control unit is a TCP/IP device that monitors door contact status and activates doors, turnstiles, booths, barriers, etc using a variety of algorithms. Door readers

IP Input Output Control Unit (IOCU)

The IP input out control unit is a TCP/IP device that allows monitoring of various inputs and allows trigger of devices via relay outputs. Door readers

IP Reader Door Control Unit (RDCU)

The IP reader door control unit is a TCP/IP device that allows interfacing with standard Wiegand readers. Door readers


The S3000 supports the Sagem line of biometric readers.

Biometric fingerprint reader

Security System Management Software

The VSoIP Management Software is the central command and control centre for the entire electronic security system. It integrates Access Control, Intrusion Detection, CCTV Surveillance and Fire Detection providing a total management solution. The key features of the software are:

Security managmement software