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We provide comprehensive solutions for a wide variety of applications. These solutions are described briefly below.


The S3000 is a comprensive, integrated security system that leverages existing IT hardware and infrastructure to provide a robust, scalable security control and monitoring solution. This is a true IP solution with IP readers, IP door control units, IP controllers, etc.


The S2000 is an integrated system that conforms to the more traditional security architectures. It again provides a robust, powerful platform on which to build a complete security solution.

Fire Detection

The analog addressable fire detection system provides a comprehensive fire detection solution for any application. While a powerful solution in it's own right, it also seamlessy integrates with the S2000 and S3000 allowing complex interactions between the various modules.

For those areas that require something more than a standard fire detection system, we provide integration with the VESDA early warning aspirating system.

Analog CCTV

The analog CCTV system uses traditional CCTV cameras and coaxial cable to for signal transmission. The recorder supports a multiple codices and a variety of advanced features.


The IP CCTV system uses traditional IT hardware and infrastructure together IP cameras to provide an convergent IT/CCTV sstem.